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QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp

QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp
QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp
QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp
QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp
QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp
QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp
QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp
QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp

QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp

Out of the 100 sales, 25 of them were on products like that, where the best we iffy try could do is test the power, voltage, Run a few inputs into the receiver and a 5 channel speaker system, and make sure it's playing the right sounds with clarity. Then the buyers, who are more familiar with the device than we were, were able to test it with specialized tools.

23 out of 25 said everything was at a high level of performance. Which leads us to the QSC-1350. We've done our research online and this is a quality product in the commercial audio field of amplifiers. When we got the piece, it was physically in okay to fair condition due to heavy scratching, and some wear and tear. As a renovation company, we have to sometimes restore products to bring up the worth. Many vintage items have higher value when left alone and actually cleaning it would depreciate the value. With receivers that are designed for the rack, made with that tough rack metal material, we have experimented with ways to bring back color and patch scratches as most components that have been on a rack environment for a while will have deep scratches, oxidization, and internal dust. So we blow the out the inside using electronic friendly aerosol cleaner, lightly sand areas where rust or discoloration occur, and fill in scratches or apply a thin coat of heat resistant paint like used on barbecues.

You can see the difference in the new pictures in the back compared to the recent ones at the beginning. GlueGone works as well but could also take original paint away.

So we performed the basic tests, but do not have the specialized hardware/software to test its internal audio capabilities, nor the experience to know what we were seeing if we did. We are also unable to just hook up a few inputs to test as we are unfamiliar with 3-pin detachable terminal blocks or 3-pin XLR connectors. I imagine parties interested in this device will have experience with that type of equipment.

In these cases, we immediately drop the price to 20-50% lower than lowest online sale of same used product within 90 days. Although that seems low, it leaves strong upside for our buyers with different levels of compensation for any troubles.

If there are ANY problems please direct message us and we can take care of you. So that's the most transparent we can be here, and if you read our reviews you can see we have had no issues on past sales and even have reviews about how well we handle negative situations that come up. The content below is a detailed description of some of the features if the QSC-1350. The amplifier shall contain all solid-state circuitry, using complementary silicon output devices. The amplifier shall operate from 50-60 Hz AC power and shall draw 1200 VA or less when driven with random program material at 1/8 of rated power into 4-ohm loads.

The amplifier shall have a 320-C19 16A IEC mains connector and shall be equipped with a removable power cord having a standard NEMA AC plug. The amplifier shall have 2 15A circuit breakers on the rear panel, and shall operate safely from a 15A 120V AC outlet.

The amplifier shall comply with FCC part 15 Class B requirements. The amplifier shall have internal heat sinks cooled by forced air, driven by a 24-volt DC fan whose speed shall vary in response to heat sink temperatures to minimize acoustic noise. The fan's speed shall be controlled by a drive voltage ranging from approximately 9 volts when cool to approximately 24 volts when at the upper ranges of its operating temperature. Air flow shall be from rear to front to avoid temperature rise inside equipment racks; rack mounting of multiple amplifiers shall be possible without clearance for ventilation. The amplifier shall be capable of continuous operation at 1/3 of rated power into 4-ohm loads, in ambient temperatures up to 104° F (40° C).

The amplifier shall contain two independent amplifier channels powered by a conventional power supply with a toroidal transformer. Each channel's output section shall operate in Class AB+B. All amplifier protection systems shall be synchronized and self-resetting upon removal of fault. Each channel shall have circuitry to protect against short circuits or mismatched loads. Each channel shall independently monitor heat sink temperature and shall trigger fan speed boost, and if necessary, signal muting to prevent excessive temperature rise.

Both channels shall have synchronized on-off muting, acting for several seconds after turn-on, and within ¼ second after turn-off or loss of AC power. Each channel's output section shall be AC coupled to protect the load against DC faults. Each channel shall have an independent and defeatable clip limiter and a 12 dB per octave high-pass filter. The corner frequency of the filter shall be selectable between 30 Hz and 70 Hz.

The front panel shall contain these features: an AC power switch; a green LED status indicator for power; independent LED channel output indicators for signal present or -30 dB (green), and clip (red). The gain controls shall be located on the rear panel and have 11 detents. They shall be labeled in dB of attenuation, from 0 to infinity.

From 0 to 14 dB, the attenuation steps shall be 2 dB per detent. The labeled attenuation settings shall be 0, 4, 10, 18, 25, and 8 dB. The output connectors for both channels shall be barrier strips located on the rear panel, with screw terminals and a safety shroud. The terminals shall be arranged to facilitate bridged mono connection.

The inputs shall be located on the rear panel, and shall consist of a 3-pin detachable terminal block and a 3-pin XLR connector for each channel. The XLR input shall be wired with pin 2 high.

Inputs shall be electronically balanced, with a minimum impedance of 20 kilohms balanced and 10 kilohms unbalanced, and a common mode rejection of at least 50 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. A High Density 15-pin DataPort connector shall be provided for carrying both audio and amplifier operational status signals to and from a QSControl network. The DataPort shall also accommodate plug-in crossover filters and other such accessories. A set of DIP switches on the rear panel shall be provided for: setting bridged mono and parallel-input operation; selecting clip limiters; and selecting high-pass filters and setting their frequencies. Each channel shall be capable of meeting the following performance criteria with both channels driven: sine wave output power of 800 watts into 8 ohms, 20 Hz to 20 kHz at.

The amplifier chassis shall occupy three rack spaces and have provisions for securing the rear corners. Depth from mounting surface to tips of rear supports shall be 15.9 in. The amplifier's weight shall not exceed 68.0 lb.

The amplifier shall be the QSC Audio Products ISA1350. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments & Gear\Pro Audio Equipment\Amplifiers". The seller is "thedingodidit13" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • MPN: ISA 1350
  • Audio Outputs: Raw Cable Speaker Jacks
  • Number of Outputs: 2
  • Colour: Black
  • Amplifier Class: AB
  • Brand: QSC
  • Type: Power Amplifier
  • Audio Inputs: XLR, Detachable Euro-style input connectors
  • Number of Channels: 2
  • Number of Inputs: 2
  • Model: ISA 1350
  • Features: Balanced, Bridgeable, Rack Mountable
  • Power: 1500W Per Channel

QSC ISA 1350 1500W per channel. Stereo PA / Pro Cinema & Theater Power Amp